Legal Tint Exemption

Applying is only a two step process & takes less than 5 minutes total!

You don’t even have to leave your home...

Most people qualify for window tint exemption & simply don't know it!

Step 1: Fill out the pre-qualification form. You only need to meet one qualifying condition.

Step 2: If qualified schedule a phone call with our physician to verify your eligibility

Step 3: Receive an email with your medical tint exemption same day

Legal Tint Exemptions work for getting new tint, but can also work for existing tint!

When you are qualified we send you a list of specifications you can take to any window tint shop so they can narrow down which type of tints you can put on your vehicle and be legally exempt.

If you have an existing tint you can take your vehicle to any tint shop and show them these specifications to have them meter the tint on your windows to see if your existing tint meets the exemption requirements.

Is it really legal? YES!

Washington State Legislature:

RCW 46.37.430

(5) No film sunscreening or coloring material that reduces light transmittance to any degree may be applied to the surface of the safety glazing material in a motor vehicle unless it meets the following standards for such material:

(1) A greater degree of light reduction is permitted on all windows and the top six inches of windshields of a vehicle operated by or carrying as a passenger a person who possesses a written verification from a licensed physician that the operator or passenger must be protected from exposure to sunlight for physical or medical reasons..

You only need to meet one condition to pre-qualify!

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