Beat a Window Ticket When You Go on the Road

Do you want to tint your windows but are afraid of getting a ticket for doing it? Did you already tint your windows and it feels like you have to every time you go out on the road? We believe that you should be able to tint your windows how you would like. There are plenty of reasons to want to tint your windows, for aesthetics as well as safety. Of course, you don’t want to get a ticket for doing so. We can help you to receive a medical exemption for tinting your windows so that you can tint them how you would like.

Window Tint: Better for Your Car, Better for You

Plenty of people would like to tint their windows because, to some, it makes their vehicles look better. However, there are plenty of medical reasons to want to tint your windows as well. Specifically, some tints can keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thus, you’re less likely to be at risk of certain harmful skin conditions, even skin cancer. The right window tinting can lessen the possibility that you’ll get a sunburn, too.

Window Tint Laws in California

The laws regarding tint in California are actually stricter than many realize. They tend to be measured by what’s allowed through the tint, what percentage of light that is. So, to say “60% tint” means that 60% of the sunlight is allowed through. That may not sound like much, but the truth is that, in California, for the passenger and front drivers’ windows, as of this writing, the state’s law is at 70%. So, you can only block 30%. That isn’t much. This is one reason why so many folks are in danger of getting a tint ticket. With our exemption, you can tint your windshield and window darker than the legal limit.

Beat a Window Ticket with a Medical Exemption

Fortunately, we can help. We can make it so that you can safely and legally drive with the tint that you want, with no fear of getting a ticket or fine. How? By providing you with a real, genuine medical exemption for your tinted windows. The first step is to answer a questionnaire at our site. That’s to see if you’re a good fit. Should you pass through all of that, then we can set you up with an online consultation with one of our medical professionals. They can determine whether or not you’re right for a medical exemption. That’s all it takes.

Beat a Window Ticket
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A Better Driving Experience Awaits

The California sun can be wonderful, one of the many reasons that so many live out here.

However, leaving yourself exposed to UV rays can cause many medical complications. Get our medical exemption to legally and safely protect yourself from harmful UV radiation by utilizing window and windshield tint. To receive the medical exemption you deserve, simply click through the questionnaire at our site to start the process.