Does Tint Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance

California has rules regarding tinted windows. Since it is always sunny in this state, you can get your windows tinted. However, you must know the tint limit. You can get a ticket if the windows are tinted darker than the California law’s limit. When you receive a tint, though, you can beat a tint ticket by getting an exemption. But it’s not the only thing you need to consider. 

Beat Tint Ticket to Prevent the It from Affecting Your Auto Insurance Coverage 

As mentioned, it’s not illegal to tint your car windows in California. However, there are some limits as to how dark you can go. Now, if you can get a ticket because your window tint shade is darker than the allowed limit, you might wonder how the ticket will affect your auto insurance coverage. 

Is Your Car Insurance Coverage Affected? 

If your windows are tinted by the manufacturer to a certain legal amount in California, then you are protected by your collision and comprehensive coverage. But to be sure, you need to check with your insurance. Tinting your car window is considered a modification. Thus, it needs special coverage if you want your auto insurance to cover it. If you own comprehensive coverage, you have $1,000 aftermarket parts coverage that could be applied to the aftermarket tinted windows. 

To be sure how your car insurance coverage will be affected by tinting your window, you must talk to your insurance agent. Ask if your current policy can pay for the damages to the new modifications. 

How to Get an Exemption? 

If you want your car window tint to be darker than the state’s limit, you need to apply for an exemption. It is easy to get an exemption by simply answering our questionnaire. We’ll help you process your exemption if you pass the test. 

Why Tint Your Windows? 

A tint on your windows can reduce the temperature in your car. That’s why tinting is useful. But you need to find a product that truly works for your car. A 20% windshield tint is allowed. With yearly periods of hot weather, more car owners are tinting their windshields to protect themselves and their vehicles from UV radiation. Unfortunately, the AC system can’t handle high levels of radiation to keep you cool. 

However, just because you want to protect your car and yourself from UV radiation, it doesn’t mean that you can get an exemption from the window tint laws. You still have to answer a medical questionnaire to know whether or not you can get an exemption. If you have a certain medical condition, you may apply for an exemption from the law. Just answer our medical questionnaire and our company can offer you a medical tint law exemption.

Ask an Expert

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