How to Beat a Window Tint Ticket

California has bright sunshine all year round. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays make your car seats crack and fade over time. The temperature inside your car can get extremely hot under the sun. Putting a car window tint may be an effective solution. However, there are tint laws in CA that you need to know about. And knowing the laws can help you beat a window tint ticket. 

Beat a Window Tint Ticket in California 

The laws state that you can’t use a reflected tint on the first 4 inches of the windshield. You can use up to 70% tint darkness in combination with factory-tinted windows. But any tint darkness can be used for rear and back seat side windows. However, if the rear window is tinted, you need to add dual side mirrors. 

Conditions to Get an Exemption

People in California want to tint their windows to protect them from UV rays, especially if they have certain medical conditions. If you have a certain health condition, you can tint your front and side windows, as well as windshields to protect you from the intrusive UV rays. However, not all health conditions can make you exempt from the rule. If you have the following conditions, then you can apply for an exemption: 

If you have one of these conditions, you can have tinted windows in your car. But you need to obtain a note from your dermatologist. 

Effective Solution to Beat a Window Tint Ticket

After you were given a window tint ticket, you might want to talk to us to explore your options. We can help you apply for an exemption. In California, you need to fill out a form to request an exemption from the said law. It requires information about you and your car. And make sure to mention the reason you need an exemption. However, before you can get an exemption, you must first qualify for it. Use our website and take our medical questionnaire to find out if you are eligible for a window tint exemption. 

Why are Tinted Windows Illegal? 

Not all countries consider tinted windows illegal. Furthermore, not all tinted windows are against the law. But the main question is how dark can your car go. Indeed, adding a tint improves the aesthetics of your vehicle. The law varies in each state. But the main reason for these laws is to ensure that the driver has visibility of the road and surroundings. 

However, UV radiation can cause ailments and speed up the aging process. When you expose yourself to these rays over a long period, it can lead to skin cancer. The use of tint film on your car can reduce your exposure to UV rays.

Getting an Exemption

It is not clear how many tickets are given every year for illegal window tint. But tickets for illegal window tint are common. You can get an exemption though to beat a window tint ticket. Talk to us today for further information at 1 (310) 708-6446.