How to Obtain a Medical Tint Exemption in New York

Acquiring a medical tint exemption in New York can be a laborious task. However, with the assistance of ForeverTint.com, this process becomes substantially simpler. We are dedicated to helping individuals who require tinted windows for medical reasons to navigate this procedure with ease.

ForeverTint.com has simplified the multi-step process into a seamless online experience. Here’s how we make getting a medical tint exemption in New York easier for you:

Step 1: Online Medical Evaluation

Rather than having to book and attend an in-person medical appointment, ForeverTint.com provides a platform for online medical evaluations. We connect you with licensed physicians who understand the ins and outs of medical tint exemptions. After discussing your symptoms and medical history, they will determine whether you qualify for a tint exemption.

Step 2: Quick Physician Certification

If the evaluating doctor concludes that you require a medical tint exemption, they will certify this need right away. Our digital platform ensures that the physician’s certification, complete with all necessary details, is promptly provided.

Step 3: Easy Form Filling

We know that filling out the MV-80W form can be confusing. At ForeverTint.com, we offer guided form filling to help you navigate this process.  Our online interface will assist you in providing all the necessary information correctly. We also offer support services to address any questions or concerns you might have during this step.

Step 4: Secure Document Mailing

Once your form is completed and the physician’s certification is attached, ForeverTint.com will provide you with a prepared packet ready to be mailed to the New York DMV. With this packet, you can send all your documents in one go, confident that everything is correctly completed and all necessary documents are included.