Utah Legal Tint Dr. Recommendations

Applying is only a two step process & takes less than 5 minutes total!

You don’t even have to leave your home...

Most people qualify for a window tint recommendation & simply don't know it!

Step 1: Fill out the pre-qualification form. You only need to meet one qualifying condition.

Step 2: If qualified schedule a phone call with our physician to verify your eligibility

Step 3: Receive an email with your medical tint recommendation documents the same day

Legal Tint Recommendations work for getting new tint, but can also work for existing tint!

When you are qualified we send you a list of specifications you can take to any window tint shop so they can narrow down which type of tints you can put on your vehicle based on your medical recommendations. 

If you have an existing tint you can take your vehicle to any tint shop and show them these specifications to have them meter the tint on your windows to see if your existing tint meets the medical recommendation requirements.

Is a medical recommendation legal? YES!

Utah Medical Tint Recommendations:

If you meet any of the qualifying requirements listed on the form below you are eligible. Our licensed physician(s) will review your qualifications with you and provide you with medical documentation supporting your medical needs for adding darker window tint on your vehicle.

You only need to meet one condition to pre-qualify!

Get Pre-Qualified For Your Legal Tint Recommendation Below

Having a medical recommendation from a Doctor to have darker window tint does not guarantee you will not get a ticket. An officer can still give you a ticket at their own discretion. However, in our experience with existing customers if you take your ticket to court and provide your medical recommendation documents your ticket can be dismissed.