Top Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Online Medical Window Tint Exemption in New York

Navigating the process of obtaining an online medical window tint exemption in New York can be straightforward if you know the correct steps to follow. However, many applicants make common mistakes that can delay their approval or result in a denial. To ensure a smooth experience, here are the top mistakes to avoid when applying for an online window tint exemption or online window tint prescription in New York.

1. Failing to Select the Correct State

One of the most critical steps in the application process is selecting New York as your residing state on the ForeverTint website when applying for your Online window tint prescription. Each state has different laws regarding online window tint prescriptions, and choosing the wrong state can lead to significant delays or even a denial. Make sure to visit ForeverTint’s state selection page and carefully select New York to ensure you are following the correct legal guidelines.

2. Incomplete Pre-qualification Form

Before you can schedule your consultation with one of our physicians, you need to complete a short pre-qualification form. This form helps determine if you meet one of the qualifying medical conditions for an online window tint exemption. Some applicants rush through this form and omit essential details, leading to delays in their application. Take your time to fill out the form accurately and completely, providing all necessary information to avoid any hiccups in the process.

3. Skipping the Consultation

The consultation with a licensed physician is a mandatory step in the process. During this 5-10 minute phone call, the physician will verify your medical condition and assess the necessity of an online window tint prescription. Some applicants believe they can skip this step, but doing so will result in an automatic denial of your application. Ensure you schedule and attend this consultation to move forward with your application.

4. Not Providing Adequate Medical Documentation

During the consultation, it’s crucial to discuss your medical condition in detail with the physician. Failing to provide sufficient information about your condition can result in a denial. Be prepared to discuss your symptoms, how sunlight affects your condition, and why an online window tint prescription is necessary for your health. The more detailed and specific you are, the better your chances of approval.

5. Misunderstanding the Legal Requirements

New York requires specific documentation to be submitted to the DMV, including the MV-80W form signed by a licensed physician. Some applicants misunderstand the requirements and submit incorrect or incomplete forms, leading to delays. When you use ForeverTint we provide you with the MV-80W form already signed by the physician so there is no confusion in what you have to submit. 

6. Ignoring the Expiry Date on Your Exemption

Online window tint prescriptions can be temporary or permanent, depending on your medical condition. If you receive a temporary exemption, it will have an expiry date. Failing to renew your exemption before it expires can result in fines or the removal of your window tint. Keep track of your exemption’s validity and renew it as needed to stay compliant with state laws.

7. Not Keeping the Certificate in the Vehicle

Once you receive your online window tint exemption certificate via email, it’s essential to keep it in your vehicle at all times. If you are pulled over, law enforcement will ask to see this document. Failing to provide it can result in fines or legal issues. Make sure to print a copy and store it in your glove compartment for easy access.

8. Overlooking Law Enforcement Requirements

In the event of a traffic stop, you must provide law enforcement with documentation from a licensed physician or optometrist that states the medical necessity for darker window tints, the specific condition that necessitates this exemption, and the duration of the exemption. Ensure that all this information is clearly stated on your certificate to avoid any misunderstandings with law enforcement.

9. Rushing Through the Process

Applying for an online window tint exemption is a process that requires attention to detail. Rushing through the steps can lead to mistakes that could delay your application or result in a denial. Take your time to ensure each step is completed accurately and thoroughly.

10. Not Using a Reputable Service

Choosing a reputable service like ForeverTint can make the process much smoother. ForeverTint simplifies the application process, provides consultations with licensed physicians, and ensures you receive all necessary documentation. Using a trusted service can help you avoid many common mistakes and ensure your application is handled correctly.

Applying for an online window tint exemption in New York doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require careful attention to detail. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure a smooth and successful application process. Remember to select the correct state, complete all forms accurately, attend your consultation, provide thorough medical documentation, and keep your exemption certificate in your vehicle. With these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of an online window tint prescription without any hassle.

ForeverTint is here to assist you every step of the way, making the process as simple and stress-free as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With our expertise and support, you can confidently apply for your online window tint exemption and enjoy the protection and comfort it provides.