What are the California Window Tint Laws to Know Your Rights?

Before you modify your car’s aesthetics by installing windows tint, make sure to know the windows tint laws first in California. This will ensure that you know your rights. When you know your rights about window tint laws, you can get a medical tint exemption in California

What is Medical Tint Exemption in California

Window tinting in California is allowed to a certain darkness. However, if you need to darken the tint of your car, you have to provide a medical exemption so you can legally install tinting on your car’s windshield and front passenger window. To obtain an exemption, you need to explain to the authority that tinting is a medical necessity so you are safe on the road. 

How to Obtain an Exemption? 

You can only apply for an exemption if you have a certain medical condition. To prove that you can benefit from darker window tins, you need to visit your physical or optometrist. After a thorough investigation, your doctor will give you medical authorization to explain the reasons you need window tint. You may mail your application and your doctor’s letter, along with your payment to California’s DMV. 

What Medical Condition Will Exempt You from the Window Tint Laws? 

If you have a medical condition that makes you photosensitive, then your physician will request a windows tint exemption. Your condition will prevent you from driving if the vehicle has no window tint that can reduce visible light. 

But you have to allow your physician to discuss your condition with the Department of Public Safety if further clarification is required. On the other hand, if your condition can be addressed by simply using protective eyewear, then you can’t qualify for the exemption. And if your condition is related to a family history, then you can’t be eligible for it.


Take Medical Questionnaire 

If you want to hasten the process of getting a medical tint exemption, then you can take our medical questionnaire. We can help if you have a skin problem that causes you to become sensitive to sunlight. But you need to tell us if you get itchiness or bumpy texture every time you are exposed to sunlight. 

You can also get an exemption if your condition makes it less safe for you to drive without tint on your windows. Prove that tint on your windows will improve your overall safety while driving your car. As long as you can demonstrate that you get skin irritations, like dryness, blisters, and other symptoms every time you are exposed to UV rays, then you can get an exemption. 

But you need to be treated first by a licensed physician. Book a consultation with us to receive a California tint law exemption certificate. By using our site, you can get a medical tint exemption in California in less than 10 minutes. Find out more about our services here: 1 (310) 708-6446