Why Getting a Medical Tint Exemption in California is So Important?

Do you want to get your front window tinted so that you can be more comfortable when you drive? Did you already receive a tint ticket and want a medical tint exemption so that you don’t have to worry about that again? We can help. Here at Forever Tint, we’ve helped so many to able to get the kind of tinting that they want legally (even if they didn’t know the tinting they wanted in the first place was illegal). Acquiring such an exemption is important for many reasons. 

The Law Itself 

Most people don’t know California’s window tinting rules. For example, on the front windshield, you can’t have any reflecting tint whatsoever on the top four inches of the windshield. On top of that, on the passenger side windows, you’re allowed for up to 70% tint. The good news is that’s the extent of the window tinting laws. You’re allowed to have any kind of tinting you want on the back windshield as well as the rear passenger side windows. 

Yes, You Can Be Pulled Over for This 

It may sound unlikely to some and even impossible, but yes, you can absolutely be pulled over by the police for having too much tint on your windows in California. This happens far, far more often than most people think. Now, obviously, you won’t be arrested or anything remotely of that nature. But, if you’re caught, you’re going to have to pay a fine and remove the tint as well. It just makes good sense, both in sense of time and finances, to do a medical questionnaire quickly so that you can drive your vehicle with the kind of windshield you want. 

Protecting Your Health and Your Car 

Medical tinting holds so many benefits for so many, all throughout California and beyond. If you have sensitive skin, the kind of skin that can be damaged by sunlight, this tint can help. Should you suffer skin irritations or similar concerns by virtue of having been in the sun for too long, then our tint can help. The truth is that, here in California, when you want to drive somewhere, you probably have to do it in traffic, meaning that you’re stuck in your car for a long period of time. Letting the sun beat down on you unopposed just isn’t a good idea.

Medical Tint Exemption in California

Medical Tint Exemption on Your Schedule 

We know that you may have read this part of this blog and thought: “hey, that all sounds great. But, when am I going to have time to go to see a doctor for a consultation about window tinting?” The good news is you can absolutely fit it into your schedule. How? Well, because licensed medical professionals can meet with you through our site after you answer our questionnaire. In just ten minutes or so, you can have the medical exemption you want. To see how it works, come to our site.